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    Computer Directions

    Click the link below to access Quaver's online curriculum through Pearland ISD


    Logon with USERNAME (Student ID#) and PASSWORD (Birthday - MMDDYYYY)

    As soon as you logon it will ask if you already have a Quaver account - just click "NO"

    Enter your Class Code (see below for each grade level's code)

    You may need to enable FLASH for all the features to work

    Your computer logon will take you to Quaver Street where you have options to enter The Music Room, The Metro, Student Interactives, etc. Assignments can be found on the student dashboard along with Student Interactives.

    You can click on your avatar to change his/her appearance

    Phone/Tablet Directions

    Follow above instructions, but choose WITHOUT FLASH option

    *Some features of Quaver require FLASH and are disabled when using a tablet - including Quaver Street*

    Your tablet logon will take you to your student dashboard where you can choose activities under the Student Interactives, Assignments, Creatives and Quaver Books

    Quaver Class Codes

    4th Grade:  LQFS6     

    3rd Grade:  JYH9E       

    2nd Grade:  3DA45

    1st Grade: S3CSC      

    Kinder: RRBUK


    Each month, Quaver sends a new code that gives students 100 QuaverNotes to purchase items for their avatar or Quaver music room.  The current code is - SpringIsHere. Students have until April 30th, 2020 to enter the code. As a reminder, QuaverNotes will NOT expire.

    QUAVER HAS ALSO ADDED A SPECIAL NEW QUAVERNOTES CODE FOR YOU TO USE AT HOME. Use code "MusicAtHome" for 200 QuaverNotes until July 1st!

    Below are instructions to redeem the code.

    (These features require FLASH and only work when using a computer)

    1. When logged in, click on your Avatar on Quaver Street
    2. Click the MY ACCOUNT tab
    3. Enter the code where it reads ENTER QUAVERCODE. That’s it!

    Have fun exploring and creating in Quaver's Marvelous World of Music!





Solar System

QUAVER MUSIC Student Assignments

  • Beginning the week of April 6th, students will have access to Assignments within Quaver.  The picture below shows you how to find these assignments from Quaver Street.  These assignments are strictly for Enrichment and will not be graded. 

    Quaver Assignment How To

    Friendly reminder: Quaver Street requires FLASH and will only work on a computer. For activities that do not require Flash, please see the QR code link below.





  • Feel free to explore these website on your own and see what new things you can learn. 

    Listed below each site are some of my favorite things each site has to offer!

    Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

    Help Violet find all the missing instruments of the orchestra.  If you would like to save your progress, you must register and login.

    Dallas Symphony Orchestra

    • Hover your mouse over Listen and Learn then Instruments - listen to sample sounds and learn more about each instrument 
    • Hover your mouse over Listen and Learn then Composers - click on composers to read about their life and listen to their music

    San Francisco Orchestra for Kids