• Dear Parents,


    Thank you for your grace and patience in figuring everything out. I hope this answers your questions, but in case I forgot something let me know!! I will be sending an email on Fridays that has the weeks assignments attached to it. This will also be up on my website (along with this document in case you need it). If you are not familiar with my website, go to the challenger website, grade levels, fourth, Simpson or you can get to me by clicking on the Staff tab. I will check in via email at least one other time during the week.



    How these assignments go is a work in progress. As of now students will complete math work through the use of a menu/choice board. Students will have to complete a specific number of assignments off of the menu. You can always have them do more, but there will be a minimum number of items required. It is up to you and or your child which items are completed. There will be both online and paper pencil options. If your child is doing a paper pencil option pages do not have to be printed. They may complete the tasks or answer questions on any paper available at home – just need to make sure the title is on the paper. Science and Social Studies will rotate weekly and students will have one assignment to do each week for the given subject.


    Turning in / Grades:

    Students may turn in assignments a couple ways. Students may take a photo on their device and send it through dojo. You may send me a photo of the assignment via email or if the student has email through email. If they are completing an assignment that is online students don’t need to send anything I can see through the websites what is completed.


    Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 1:30 – 2:30

    This is a time I will be directly at my computer ready to answer questions with a quick response time. This is similar to what conference time was at school. If you need to set a phone conference or video conference please let me know and we can do that. If this time doesn’t fit with your schedule no problem, I am happy to set up a time to talk to you just let me know.


    Phone Calls:

    I miss your kids desperately and would love the chance to talk to them, see them (virtually), and just connect. If you or your child are interested in setting up a time to chat I would love to catch up with. Let me know what times/days work best and I will set up a time. We can talk about the work they are doing at home or just catch up – can but doesn’t have to just be about school.



    I have Class Dojo set up and will be sending each parent a link to set up an account for themselves and their child. This is optional but provides a great and safe way for me to interact with both them and you without emailing. This will also be one of the options for turning in work. Class Dojo is both a website and an app available for both apple and android that is free.


    Websites that might be used:

    These are all websites that have free trials going on. No credit card information is required to subscribe to these. In the coming weeks these will likely be some of the options. I suggest going ahead and creating accounts or logging in and just seeing if they are an option you like. Some of them I have already assigned some things and some  you can just have your child play around to see how things work. The two I would suggest the most are Kahn academy and Flocabulary. Flocabulary is one we used in class and the kids love it.

    Flocabulary – Join a Class - Class Code: 9SWQVB

    iknowit.com – Login – Class Code: Simp2020 – Username: first initial last name 4 (ex: esimpson4)

    Dreambox – sign up for a free 90 day trial

    Kahn academy – Sign up - class code GTFRN9SD



    • Make a schedule that works for your family and post it where the kids can see it.
    • Include fun or interesting activities in your schedule - watching the zoos podcast, doing one of the virtual field trips online, playing outside in the yard, etc.
    • Don’t be afraid to take breaks or include that in your kid’s day
    • Ask questions – I will do my best to answer anything you can ask
    • Give yourself and your kids a break this not the ideal situation for any of us
    • Remember this too shall pass


    Thank you for your patience. If there is anything I can do to support you or your child please let me know. I hope to be seeing them in my classroom as soon as possible!!

    Miss Simpson