• Howdy y'all!

    Although I miss seeing your faces every day, I feel like we're finally getting the hang of things!  

    The plans for 5/4/20-5/8/20 have been updated and is attached in the links below. All science activites are still in STEMscopes but note that many of them are reccommended or optional. Please do what you can :) remember, this is a weird time for all of us and I don't want you to stress!

    Here are some tips: 

    • Students: Make a list of websites and write down usernames and CASE-SENSITIVE passwords.  Keep it next to your device as your cheat sheet 😊
    • Parents: Take picture of said list and keep close by 😉
    • Students: Read plans carefully, take notes,  then tell your parents what you have to complete for the week.
    • Students: Plan your week!  Pick the days and times you want to complete your assignments  and discuss with your parents.
    • Students: Work your plan and do not hesitate to message us on Edmodo with any questions!
    • Parents: Monitor your student’s work a couple times each week to ensure completion.

    Stay safe!

    Ms. Estrada