Welcome to the Student Support Counselor Page. Mrs. Frasier is your SSC and is available most days on campus. If you would like to schedule an appointment you can email Mrs. Frasier, stop by the counseling center, or fill out a Student Support Counseling request using the QR code located in every classroom and outside Mrs. Frasier's office door.

    On this page I have included resources for helping with mental health concerns, social/emotional issues, parenting tips, and more. 

    Please click here for a quick Back to School video with 5 strategies to manage Post Pandemic Stress

  • J Frasier

    Contact Mrs. Frasier 

    Phone: 281-412-8866

    Email: frasierj@pearlandisd.org

    Degrees and Certifications:

    • Masters of Arts in Counseling 
    • Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies
    • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
    • Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist (AGRMS)
    • Certified Trauma Practitioner (CTP)
    • School Counselor EC-12
    • Generalist Teacher EC-4
    • ESL EC-4
    • GT EC-4

    Clubs Sponsored:

    Wings of Dawson (Suicide Prevention Task Force)

    Uncommon Connections (SEL Book Club)

    Nest Watchers (New Student Connection Group)

  • Jessica Frasier is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Professional School Counselor. Prior to becoming the Student Support Counselor at Dawson High School in August of 2018 she was an elementary counselor for three years and an elementary teacher for five years before that. Along with providing counseling services in the school setting Mrs. Frasier has also provided traditional therapy and grief work in the community at multiple non profits. Her office is located across from the counseling center at Dawson High School, Room 1117. On a weekly basis, Mrs. Frasier meets with students during the day and lunch hour. She also meets with teachers, parents, specialists, staff, and administrators to monitor student progress and discuss any needs related to students.

    As Your Student Support Counselor, I Will ...

      - Support You in Figuring Out What To Do

       - Provide You A Space To Relax

       - Help You To See Your Strengths

       - Provide You With Resources In And Out of School 

       - Celebrate Your Successes

       - Collaborate With You to Make the Hard Stuff A Little Easier