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Home School - English IV

  • Important reminders for home schooling during this critical time:

    * Canvas and Remind 101 will be the main avenues for reminders and assignments. 

    * One assignment a week will be posted to Canvas every Monday.

    * Students will have Monday through Friday to complete the assignment. They must be submitted before midnight each Friday.

    * Daily grades are the only grades being published until our return to campus April 13th. 

    * Students may contact me via Email or Canvas message board. I am in the process of figuring out my video conference for students to chat with me through Microsoft teams. An annoucement will be made via Canvas for them to join the conversation if they need additional help. 

    Email- croftj@pearlandisd.org   

    My goal is to be as attentive as I possibly can be during the coronavirus pandemic. I will be very flexible when it comes to grades, though, structure is still going to be implemented. If you or your child need assistance or any technology, please contact the school, and they will get you on a list to administer technology for you. We want to be as supportive and positive during this complicated time for the world. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me for anything. 

    I would like to ask for some patience in the sense of technology and communication. Our emails are over flowing, and I can assure you, all of the teachers are trying their best! Thank you for your dedication to your child's education. I know being a senior right now is REALLY hard, considering all of the life events that might be canceled, but please know that we are going to try and make it up, so that you may have those milestone moments for your high school career. 


    Sincerely, Mrs. Croft