• link:   Brazoria County Library eBranch

    Signing up for a library card is easy!

    Look for this link at the bottom of their home page: Get Library Card

    An email address is required to sign up for a library card. Your password will be the last 4 digits of your phone number or 1234 if you do not provide your phone number during registration. You can change your user name and password under "my account" once registered. 

    Under 18, a parent's email and phone number are required. 

     Step by step video: How to sign up for a library card video   (Thank you, Ms. Hall for creating this video!)


    Two of the many cool things you can access with your library card under the eBranch tab:

     Step by step video: Hoopla - how to sign up for an account   (Thank you, Ms. Hall for creating this video!)

     Hoopla   Hoopla: 750,000 Titles to choose from. Check out eBooks, Audiobooks, comics, music, movies and TVshows.

    You can check out up to 8 titles a month. TV episodes count as one title.

    1. Install the free "Hoopla Digital" app or access from a desktop browser.  
    2. Choose your local library and log in with your library card number (oruser name) and password (PIN.)
    3. Register for Hoopla by entering your email address and creating a password.
    4. Browse or search for content. 
    5. Your monthly checkout allowance will appear in the upper left corner.


     freegal   Freegal Music: Streaming Music & Downloads

    Freegal Music allows you to stream up to three hours of music every day. 15 Million+ Songs to choose from. There's something for everyone to listen to with Freegal Music. In addition to streaming, you can also download five songs per week and keep them forever ... or until you delete the file.

    1. Install the free "Freegal Music" app; also access online (to add to your streaming playlist.)
    2. Log in with your library card number (or user name) and password.
    3. Browse,  search and stream or download the songs you like. 
    4. Access playlists or create your own!


    There are many more options for reading eBooks, listening to audiobooks, watching videos, etc.  Check it out! 

    If you need any help, let me know. sandersrd@pearlandisd.org