• Students,

    For practice, I have added a poem "Casey at the Bat" for you to read and questions to answer along with it.  In order to do this:

    1.  Go to www.readworks.org/student  This site may take you straight to the assignment.  If it doesn't, continue with #2.    

    2.  In Class Code, type in F7KULJ and continue

    3.  Instead of Select your name, click on Reading

    4.  Type in the password 1234 and continue

    5.  You will now reach assignments.  The assignment is to read "Casey at the Bat" and answer the comprehension questions.

    If you complete this, send me a picture of your work with your phone and we will discuss this through zoom, teams, or facetime. My phone number is on my teacher home page.  I hope you are having a great day!!

    Love, Mrs. Holmes