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Directions for 6th Grade Kahoot Games



    UPDATE: I was sooooo excited to make a Kahoot game for you all, I totally forgot you can't see the questions when you join a game. The teacher is the only one who can see the questions when you play a live game.  (DUH!) I didn't realize it until the 5th graders played their game.  I'm so sad.

    Well, I've got to come up with another solution. Today you can play the game on your own by using the PIN: 0720159 or following the link below.  I'll look into some other game for next week.  Miss you guys!

     Kahoot Game


     It may be helpful to review the questions before we begin the game or have them available for you to see while we play. 

     See the Questions for April 2nd's Kahoot Game in Classkick

    See the Questions for April 2nd's Kahoot Game in PDF form


    6th Graders, join for a game of Kahoot on Thursday, April 2nd at 3:30 PM.  At 3:15 the game code will be posted here.  We will begin the game promptly at 3:30 PM. Remember, Kahoot has an app that can be downloaded onto your phone, with your guardian's permission of course!

    To login from a computer, use this Kahoot Login   

    Game PIN:        (will be posted on Thursday at 3:15)