• Bluebonnet 2021-2022 read aloud










  • GoNoodle

  • This would be  good story to listen to during November






    Pre-k - 1  grade

    how to two   small    rap    wonderful       peek


    2 - 4 grade

    each kindness

        other side



  • February Black History Month:

    Login and password for BrainPop is on the library board and in seesaw

    Brain Pop for Pre-k - 1


    biography   greenfield    tubman    carver    robinson   parks   bridges

    Brain pop for 2 -4


     biography  hammer     obama   reeves    douglas   carver   robinson

  • Listen to these books 


    house     gree    ada    wild

  • Brain pop link for winter holidays:


    Winter holidays BrainPop


    Pre-Kindergarten - 2nd grade Read Aloud:



    Cyril and Pat    bear came along    not quite snow white   the panda problem   truman


    3rd & 4th grade Read Aloud:


    from an idea to disney part 2





  • arthur's halloween                hooray for books       



    substitute creature        the day of the dead



    the girl who never made mistakes    legend of rock paper scissors







    a place to land      


    Let's Vote on it!            Voting In Elections

     My Teacher for President        Buddy for President   

     if i ran for president         Duck for President            

    Monster Needs Your Vote             Grace for President     







    The Library Pages                                  Wild about books



    this book will not be fun


    what do you do with a problem?


    how to read a story

    Third & fourth

    What do you do with a voice like that?

  • Use this link to access the family gonoodle content when you need a brain break.







    i hate to read


    I still hate to read




     A Book for Chester                   watch your paws                  manners matter in the library        no t rex in the library






    Beatrice Doesn't Want to                         Chester visits the library           First Day Jitters                  library mouse                  llama llama misses mama      David goes to school       



  • It's time to listen to some fun books...


  • Watch an interview with Mo Williams...



    Check out all these fun things on Mo Williams page through teaching books.net


    Mo Williems


    Learn to draw with authot Mo Williems






  • A great lesson about imagination...





    I really like that he promotes reading books...



    Keep being truthful...

  • This one is read in Spanish...





  • Enjoy these books and send me an email to let me know if there was something that you would like to share.  











  • This is aread aloud by the illustrator