Application Process

  • During high-traffic times, the program may time out. If you are timed out, please try again later.

    If your child is currently a transfer student, access your previously created account to apply for a transfer. Pearland ISD does not have a record of your password. You may click the "Forgot My Password" link in the program for a security question associated with your password.

    New applicants must create an account in the program before accessing the application. Applicants should start the process early as to not miss the deadline.  The program will not accept an application after the deadline

    Creating an Online Student Transfer Program Account

    • Complete all of the required fields.
    • Register an email address you will monitor for future notifications.
    • Keep record of your username, password and the answer to your security question.
    • Anytime you create or update your information, you must save it, log out and log back in to update.
    • After creating your account, the program will send a notice to your registered email address to activate your account. If you do not receive prompt notice, log on and check your account for correct spelling of your email address and/or check your spam mailbox.
    • Activate your account and input your application.
    • You must click the “SAVE” and the “SEND” buttons for your application to submit.
    • Notification of approval/denial will go to your registered email address. Processing may take several weeks. You may log onto your account to see if the application is still pending or processed. “Pending” means it is in line to be processed. “Created” means you created it but did not submit it. You must click “SEND” to submit the application. 
    • Next school year, a renewal notice will be sent to your registered email address from Do not delete. This is the only renewal notice sent to you.