• Instructions for Using SmartMusic

    SmartMusic is an online music application that provides a vast library of literature for your child to explore and interact with! As we continue our Distance Learning, we will be utilizing SmartMusic with our Berry Miller JH bands for weekly assignments. Your child will need to create a free SmartMusic account and link it to their band class. Once they have their account, they will be able to access assignments, record assessments, and receive feedback from their director.

    Setting up your SmartMusic account in 6 easy steps!

    1. Go to https://admin.smartmusic.com/join.
    2. Enter your email address and “class code.” Class codes have been posted in the Skyward Message Center.
    3. Select “Find Your Class.” The class you are trying to link to will appear. Select “Join this Class.”
    4. You will be prompted to create your account. Please take a few moments to provide the necessary information to get you enrolled. Once you have finished, click “submit.”
    5. You will receive an email to confirm the account. Open the email and click the orange “Confirm your email” button.
    6. You will be redirected to the SmartMusic website with the message “your account has been verified!” You are now set up and ready to log in! 

    Using SmartMusic to view and record assignments in 8 easy steps!

    1. Go to www.smartmusic.com and login to your account.
    2. At the home screen, you will see an “Assignments Due” list and a “Recently Graded Assignments” list. On this page you can view assignments that need to be completed as well as those that have already been submitted and graded.
    3. Select the assignment that needs to be completed, and when you are taken to the next screen, click the green “Complete Assignments” button. You will be asked to select your instrument. Do so and click “Okay.”
    4. Your musical assignment will be loaded! Any instructions your band director provides will be displayed as well as the grading rubric. Review this and click “close.”
    5. At this time, you can view and practice the music on your screen. You can toggle the volume of the accompaniment line, the instrument line, and even the metronome.
    6. When you are ready to record, click the red record button and select your microphone. You may be asked to enable or test your microphone.
    7. The metronome will count you off, and then you will play! As you play, the SmartMusic program will analyze the accuracy of your rhythm and pitch in real time! When you’re done, you can listen back to your take using the blue “play button” at the top. When you have a recording you like, click “submit. 
    8. You have successfully submitted your recording! You will be able to view the accuracy of your recording upon submission. Your band director will finalize your grade as soon as they are able.

    Instructional Videos