• Here are three options to receive a Social Studies grade this week. 


    Option 1: Watch the YouTube Schoolhouse Rock video The Preamble here You can watch the video as many times as you need and then go into Classkick. Find the assignment called "Schoolhouse Rock - Preamble fill-in-the-blanks" and use a textbox to complete the sentences about the video.

     Classkick School House Rock- Preamble

    ****Please enter your full first and last name. This is how you need to login each time.   Complete all questions and once finished hover over the hand icon in the top right corner then click “Raise hand.”  This will let me know you have completed the work and it is ready to review. 


    Option 2: Use the ONLINE TEXTBOOK link - Access ONLINE TEXTBOOK LINK HERE to open Chapter 6 Lesson 3 in the US History Textboook.  After reading Lesson 3 go to ClassKick using the link below to answer the questions over the lesson.  Remember when you login into ClassKick...first name and last name please and hit the "raise hand" when you are done so I know to check your answers..

     Bill of Rights Assessment


    Create a new amendment that you would like to see added to the Bill of Rights or Constitution.  Give your short statement about what you would like to see added.  You can email it to me or send it through ClassTag.

    Ideas you could include:

    • What is something you think is important for everyone in America right now?

    • Why do you think this new amendment needs to be added into a law?

    • Who does your amendment help now and for years to come in the United States?

    • Is there a specific reason you think this should become an amendment or law added to the Bill of Rights or Constitution?


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