• Week 8: May 11 - 15

    Hello eveybody, I hope you all had a great Mother's Day weekend! This week the menu will look a little bit different. Our focus this week will be on completeing any assignments that have not been turned in from the weeks of April 6th to May 3rd. You can email, text, or message any missing assigments to me on or before May 15th; I will also be reaching out to students individually who are missing assignments. You can refer back to my teacher web page, as I have a new tab for every week with the weekly assignments and menus already there. I hope you all have an amazing week!


    Hola a todos, ¡espero que hayan tenido un gran fin de semana del Día de la Madre! Esta semana el menú se verá un poco diferente. Esta semana nos enfocaremos en completar cualquier tarea que no haya sido entregada desde las semanas del 6 de Abril al 3 de Mayo. Puede enviarme un correo electrónico, un mensaje de texto o un mensaje sobre cualquier tarea que les falte el 15 de Mayo o antes; También me comunicare con los estudiantes individualmente a quienes les faltan tareas. Puede consultar mi página web de maestro, ya que tengo las tareas semanales y los menús allí. ¡Espero 
    que tengan una semana increíble!

    Menu: Week 8

    Enrichment Activities after all assigments have been completed:
    The Great Realization (Poem Response)
    Bookmark 1, Bookmark 2, Bookmark 3

    Writing Activity:
    Write a note to new students coming into my class next year. Give them advice and encouragement on how to succeed in my class next year.

    WikiHow Activity:
    Use the website WikiHow.com to create a card game or board game based on your favorite book.

    Tomfoolery Youtube Activity:




    Write a response to the poem “The Great Realization”. Do you think the author accurately described the world before Covid19? How would you describe his attitude about the world after the virus? Use text evidence to support your answer.