• Breanna Renee Camario is the current president of the National Art Honor Society. For her, being president has been a fantastic experience; everyone has been supportive of her ideas, goals, and artwork. NAHS has become her home away from home; the people she has encountered and encouraged make her feel like family. They have pushed her to become the person she is today. She has competed in multiple competitions through NAHS and sold her art at auctions.  In the fall, she plans to attend school at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. 

    Juan Camarillo is the Vice-President of the NAHS at Robert Turner College and Career High School. He feels like he and the President have achieved a lot this year on growing the organization.  He is most proud of his progress on his artwork and how NAHS has inspired him.  When he started high school, he was a little lost on what he wanted to become and what would be his career. After getting involved in art and meeting his art teacher, Mr. Villalpando, he decided that he would want to make a career out of his love for art. He has made the most progress this year, getting out of his comfort zone with sculpture and trying different mediums.  He plans to attend Alvin Community College and study art in the fall.

    Emily Cmajdalka, a Senior Member, is graduating in the Pre-Vet Med pathway and has also earned her Associate’s degree from Alvin Community College. She will attend Sam Houston State University in their Pre-Veterinary Medicine program and will major in Animal Science. After that, she will pursue her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. She loves animals of all kinds, and she particularly enjoys incorporating them into her artwork.

    Joseluis De la Garza, a Senior Member, is planning to major in forensic science and minor in Criminal Justice at The University of Tyler in Tyler, Texas.  Afterwards, he plans to earn his masters degree and, later, his doctorate degree. My long term goal i'm not sure of yet but i'll discover it in university for sure.  This is his first year in NAHS. He joined other clubs in the past, but never felt the passion and drive and ultimately fell out of it. However, with the National Art Honor Society he felt like this was something that was up his alley and really enjoyed the people who surrounded him and the peace that he always felt when he entered the art room.

    Angel Kassidy Frias, a Senior Member, is an 18 year-old art student who enjoys listening to Post Malone and painting. She didn’t discover her passion for art until she started high school and got an art teacher who saw potential in her. He inspired her to continue pursuing art, especially painting. Painting has become her escape and a means to express herself the way she wants. She also wants to peruse a career in animation. She has always enjoyed watching animated movies and television shows. She’ll be attending the Art Institute of Houston to achieve her goals and become successful in animation. 

    Alexandria Rawlins, a Senior Member, is 17 years old and loves to draw. She has been drawing for almost seven years now and hopes to one day make a living with her art. Starting in the fall, she will be getting her technical art degree from San Jacinto College and will work towards a bachelor's degree in graphic design. While going to school, she will be maintaining her current art business and attending conventions.  Outside of traditional art, she also enjoys bookbinding, embroidery, baking, sewing, and carpentry.