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  • A Quick Note from Mrs. Craig:

    This week's video lesson is pretty long (28 minutes!). If you would like to watch just my greeting (a brisk 2 minutes!) and then jump into the prewriting activity on your own, that is totally cool. I accidentally stopped my recording at about 2 minutes, then the lesson is the long video. 

    I loved how everyone got creative rewriting the end of "One Summer Night!" Feel free to get creative while writing this essay. IT'S NOT FOR A GRADE! Some of you responded on one assignment that you don't care for informational texts. Well, here is your chance to write an informational text that's interesting to read! Go for it!

Only the First 2 Minutes

Skill Focus: Composition & Writing Process

  • Episode #9: Computer Lab

    The Map

    E9 Map

    The Story

    Inside the darkened computer lab, there is only silence. Morgan stops in the doorway with outstretched arms, feeling up and down the wall on either side. Their fingers rumple old flyers and knock down a map of the school that displays the proper exits routes in the event of an emergency. Then, a flat plastic object comes into reach. Let there be light.

    Computer Lab

    “Oh man,” Arty glances around the room at an audience of cold, black screens. “These computers take forever to turn on!”

    “It’s OK!” Zolivia whips out her notebook as they all set their stuff down. “Let’s get to work. We don’t have a lot of time, and my mom will kill me if I get blamed for that light breaking.”

    As the computer hums out of hibernation, the three huddle over the notebook. They work together to retrace their steps of everything that transpired today. The notebook passes back and forth quickly; each adding notes to fill in any gap.

    “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Morgan sees the notes going from a simple mind map to a dangerously complex spiderweb. “We can’t include all of this. All we need to say is who did it, and how we know it. Everything else is just fluff.”

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