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  • Episode #10: The Office

    The Map

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    The Story

    By this point, all of the teachers and parent volunteers are inside the building and milling about in the air conditioning—while maintaining a proper 6-foot radius, the new and improved version of a Texan’s personal bubble. People are moving around the school; teachers meander down the corridors to peek inside their classrooms.

    “Y’all, we gotta split,” Morgan says. “I can already hear my mom’s voice out there.”

    Zolivia is typing furiously as Arty reads to her from the rough draft, which is bleeding from all the slashes and scribbles they made.


    The printer in the corner coughs back to life, and the gang grabs their backpacks. Morgan snatches the finalized essay off the printer on the way out the door. They only make it about 20 feet down the main hall before a terrifying scene comes into view ahead. It’s Morgan mom, and she’s talking to Mrs. Paisley.

    “Noooooooo,” they all three utter in unison. It’s too late; Mrs. Paisley locks eyes with Zolivia and begins to raise her arm in a gesture to come over.

    Morgan’s feet suddenly find themselves in the grips of gravity. Their steps slowing and dragging across the polished and gleaming tile floor.

    “My mom looks incensed. She’s got the wrong idea! We have to set the story straight.”

    The distance between the adults and the kids is dwindling. They can just barely hear Mrs. Paisley’s voice now:

    “… we will have get a quote on the replacement cost of the light …”

    Just then, from a hallway entrance to the 8th grade wing, Morgan’s brother Matts spills out in front of them. His gaze zeroes in on Morgan before he even notices Zolivia and Arty walking alongside them.

    “Moron-gan!” He drawls with the swagger of someone who a scandalous secret.

    “Go away, Matt,” Morgan finds their feet again and presses on.

    “You are in so much trouble!” He laughs.

    To be continued after you submit your final essay ...

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