• Pledge 3 Student and Staff Support. Pearland ISD is dedicated to providing academic, social and emotional support to students and staff to help build resiliency skills.

  • Counselor Support Information: School counselors will focus on prevention, intervention and postvention activities. Students will have opportunities to participate in individual and group counseling. Community resources will be available to share with students, parents and staff.

    Outreach Support Information: The Outreach/Attendance department provides a district-wide approach to engage students to stay in school and to improve and maintain the district’s attendance and graduation rates. Collaboration occurs between district staff and outside personnel to provide counseling and intervention strategies. We will provide assistance in removing all barriers for students through community support and guidance. 


    Social Emotional Needs

    Social and Emotional Needs for Students and Staff

    Along with the implementation of several health and safety protocols to address student and employee needs, Pearland ISD will also address the social and emotional needs of students and staff.

    Plans include:

    • Provide professional learning opportunities on social/emotional learning (SEL) and trauma-informed classrooms. 
    • Provide in-class instructional opportunities on social/emotional learning, following specific SEL competencies (Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, Responsible Decision-Making).
    • Provide resources for parents to use with their student to help prepare for the return to school.
    • Provide resources for student mental health concerns for students learning remotely.
    • Adjust curriculum to support digital and social milestones.
    • Leverage and make available community resources for mental health supports for students and employees.
    • Encourage employees to utilize the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for additional counseling support. 
    • Home and/or virtual visits to provide academic, social and emotional support to students.
    • Work closely with campus attendance clerks/registrars and administration to monitor student academic engagement.
    • Liaison provides intervention support to remove barriers for unforeseen circumstances.