The Counselor's Role

  • Basic Services:  Individual Counseling, Virtual Group Counseling, Virtual Parent/Teacher Conferences, Virtual 504 Meetings
    Student Orientation and Placement


    Who is the professional school counselor?

    Master's Degree in School Counseling
    Certified Teacher
    Minimum 2 years teaching experience
    Passed a state counseling certification exam


    What would I need a counselor for?

    Decision Making / Problem Solving
    Goal Setting / Motivation
    Self-esteem / Self-confidence
    Dealing with Bullies
    Character Education
    Peer Mediation
    Career Education
    Responsive Services
    School Counselors help to keep students in the classroom and engaged in learning by teaching social-emotional coping skills and strategies to address challenges to academic success.


    Individual Planning:
    School Counselors guide students to plan and manage their educational and career plans by providing information on:

    Course Selection
    Career Pathways
    Skills needed for Junior High and High School
    System Support


    School counselors coordinate support of additional campus and community resources for student success including:

    Parent Consultation
    Teacher/Administrator Consultation
    Staff Development for Educators
    Teacher to Teacher Consultation
    Parent to Teacher Consultation
    Special Education Referrals


    Really...what does a counselor do all day?
    On any given day...

    Meet with a stududent individually 
    Conduct virtual group counseling sessions
    Give our teachers emotional and informational support
    Provide parents information on issues affecting their students
    Coordinate social services with community partners
    Provide career and academic counseling per student/parent request
    Conduct 504 meetings
    Act as a liaison between student and teacher; teacher and parent; and student and parent
    Research current methods of counseling and academic interventions
    Intervenes and guide students in resolving their student to student conflicts
    Consult with teachers, administrators, parents and other counselors
    Collaborate with students to develop plans for academic, social, and emotional success
    Lend an ear to a parent, a teacher, or a student
    Assist with and/or administer standardized testing