• Expectations and Procedures:

    Our motto in PE this year is "Teamwork makes the Dream work."  We want the students to work as a team to make things work.  Students need to give 100% in effort and participation.  Our rules are simple and designed to provide a positive, safe environment for ALL students. 


    Expectations and Procedures


      • Follow directions


      • Keep hands and feet to yourself
      • One voice at a time and use school appropriate language



      • Do not enter the gym until signaled to do so
      • Read the board upon entering the gym
      • SOS: Sit On Spots
      • STOP, LOOK, AND WATCH for PE Signals
      • Listen for the whistle when outside
      • Always wear athletic shoes with rubber soles
      • NO food, NO gum, NO toys
      • Report accidents/injuries to PE teachers IMMEDIATLEY
      • Do NOT touch equipment until instructed to do so
      • Put away all equipment correctly when ending class



      A student who chooses to misbehave will lose 10 points on their weekly participation grade and will be required to perform an alternate activity.

      Students who are unsafe, dangerous or persistently misbehave will lose participation privileges and/or be referred for administrative intervention.