• Canvas

    Canvas is the tool that contains all content and assignments from your child’s teacher. 

    To access Canvas, go to the students tab on the district website and look for Canvas on the left side.

    You may also click HERE to take you to Canvas login.



    Students need to set up Username/Password in order to log on to Canvas

    Instructions on how to set it up:

    Username:  (FirstInitial)(MiddleInitial)(LastInitial).(2 digit birth DAY)000

      Example:  Mariza Valeria Alanis Birthday: June 16, 1983

      Username: mva.16000

    Current Password:  #2020PISD

      This is the website they need to go to, to set up password:


    Once they put username, it will prompt them to create a new password.

      New Password Rules: It must include Upper Case letter, lower case letter and a number. At least 8 characters and cannot be their name   (any part of their name)


    Please use the following videos to understand how to use Canvas:

    Student Help Guides: https://www.pearlandisd.org/Page/25333

    Parent Pairing:https://www.pearlandisd.org/Page/24587