• 1.) What is Workers' Compensation(Comp)?

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    A workers' compensation health care network is a group of health care providers that have contracted with an insurance carrier to provide care to its members.Workers' compensation health care networks are designed to:

    • Improve quality of care
    • Help injured workers get back on the job
    • Control medical costs

    Who is Texas Mutual? They are the workers' compensation insurance carrier for Pearland ISD.

    What is Workwell Network? The Workwell Network is a workers compensation network, certified by the State of Texas, which consists of treating providers, hospitals, specialty providers and other health care professionals.

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  • 2.) What do I do if I am injured on-the-job?

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    Report the accident and/or injury to your immediate supervisor, secretary, campus clinic or Human Resource Services.

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  • 3.) What do I need to complete for a work-related injury?

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    Submit the following forms, fully completed and signed, via fax to 281-412-1540, or via e-mail at benefits@pearlandisd.org within 24 hours of the injury. To get a complete packet of all forms needed, please see the following links:

       Workers' Comp Packet - English or Workers' Comp Packet - Spanish

    Note: If you, as the employee, are not missing time from work, or seeking treatment, only the Employers First Report of Injury and Acknowledgement of Workers’ Compensation Network form are required.

    Workers’ Compensation Wage Benefits form declares to the District the employee’s choice to use available paid leave in conjunction with workers’ compensation benefits. Temporary Income Benefits [TIBS] eligibility does not begin until the eighth day of absence. Failure to submit this form will result in the use of any and all available leave including earned vacation.

    The injured employee must receive the “Injured Worker Rights and Responsibilities” information, which is located on the Pearland ISD website.

    The Accident Investigation Report form must be filled out after an accident. Please make sure this form is filled out in its entirety as this will help determine what action/preventive measure should be taken.

    Do not hesitate to call “911” for emergency assistance. As an injured employee needing medical attention in a non-emergency situation, you may go to any approved Texas Mutual network health care provider. Health care providers can be located at www.texasmutual.com.

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  • 4.) Where do I go to find an in-network provider for workers' comp.?

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    To seek treatment from a network provider. Click here to find a network provider.

    • Please note that if you are required to see a network provider but you choose not to, you may be responsible for payment for your own health care services.
    • If you have any questions regarding your work comp. status, contact us at (800) 859-5995.
    • Your adjuster is your primary point of contact on all claim-related issues. If you do not know the name of your adjuster, you can call (800) 859-5995 to obtain this information.
    • What clinic should I go to? Concentra, closest location to Pearland ISD is 8505 Gulf Frwy, Houston, TX 77017,phone 713-944-4442, an authorization from HRS will be needed.
    • Can I go to my own physician? Only if they are In-Network as a treating doctor, not a specialist
    • Can I switch doctors if I don’t agree with the first doctor? The adjuster must be notified and under workers’compensation, an employee is allowed to switch doctors one time to another In-Network provider.
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  • 5.) What to do when I am ready to go back to work after Workers' Comp?

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    1. It is the responsibility of the injured employee to call his/her supervisor each week to report work status. Following each health care provider appointment, the injured employee must provide proof of the office visit to the Human Resource Services office, in person.
    2. The Human Resource Services office will notify the Department/Campus of any changes in the employee’s work status (additional loss of time, termination or resignation) via email or phone the day that the change occurs.
    3. If the employee seeks treatment, or misses 1 day, they must have a “Return to Work Notice” issued by Human Resource Services before they are allowed to go back to work.
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  • 6.) If I don’t understand the workers’compensation forms, who can I contact to assist me?

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     You can contact Nila Williams or Victoria Trevino in Human Resource Services.

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