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Mrs. Lindsay



    Mrs. Lindsay

    Room 1540 (Bullard Building)

    ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!  I am extremely happy to be your Spanish II teacher this year at Pearland High School!  We are going to have a great year learning Spanish.  You are going to be acquiring and utilizing skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing the Spanish language.  You are going to be learning about the culture of Spanish-speaking countries as well.  With time and dedication, you will be able to communicate with someone in Spanish.

    Bell Schedule:  It is your responsibility to arrive to class on time.  Here is the Bell Schedule:



    Tutoring Hours: My tutoring hours are M-F from 6:45-7:15am either in person or on TEAMS.  I will also be available either in person or on TEAMS on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:50-3:20pm.  I am also available for additional tutorials by appointment.  In TEAMS, I will post a separate TEAM for my tutorials.  If I have a meeting during these times, I will let you know.  Here is the code for TEAMS to access my tutorials:  odo6bo4

    Canvas Assistance:

    Class Rules:

    1. Texting and cell phone use is prohibited unless Mrs. Lindsay allows it.  Cell phones should not be visible in class.  Put all cell phones away unless they are being used for a class activity.
      1. Per the PHS Student Handbook, students may only use their device in the classroom when instructed to do so by the teacher.
      2. Students may not use their device to text or update personal sites/accounts during the school hours and Spanish II class period.
      3. Students may not use devices to record, store or transmit any type of image, sound or video from campus during school activities and or hours, except for approved projects with the express permission of the teacher.
    2. No food or drink is permitted in the classroom unless medical documentation is provided.
    3. Hall passes will not be provided except in case of extreme emergency or medical condition for which medical documentation will be provided. Go to the restroom before you come to class.
    4. No personal grooming is permitted in the classroom.
    5. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. We will be live streaming to remote students and so your cursing or inappropriate behavior will be heard by all.  Student discipline referral forms and/or detentions will be issued for this type of behavior. 

    In person Classroom Procedures:

    1. Bring your devices with you every day charged and ready to use. Charging stations will not be provided.
    2. Sharpen your pencil before the class begins. 
    3. Save any trash to throw away until the end of the class period.
    4. Sit only in your assigned seat. I have assigned it to you for a reason for social distancing purposes. 
    5. While in the Spanish classroom, you are to have only Spanish materials out. Do not have other textbooks or assignments out.
    6. You are not permitted to walk around the classroom unless I tell you to do so.
    7. Respect your fellow classmates. They have the right to the same education that you do.
    8. Remain in your seats until I dismiss you. You are NOT to line up at the door.   You will be receiving quality instruction from bell to bell.
    9. Our class will be live streaming. Any cursing or unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated.

    Remote Learners:


    1. Mute yourself upon entering meeting.
    2. Have your camera on for attendance purposes.
    3. Use the raise your hand feature in teams to avoid talking over one another.
    4. Make use of the chat feature.
    5. Dress appropriately for school. (No pajamas, etc.)




    Video recordings of the class:

                    Classes will be recorded daily to upload to Canvas.  At any given moment, your likeness or voice may be recorded.  Be mindful to use school appropriate language.  Vulgar language or actions will not be tolerated.  If bad behavior occurs, the video proof will be forwarded on to the assistant principals for disciplinary consequences.  There may be parents or other people of the public watching! 


    Failure to follow the rules and procedures of the class will result in discipline referrals to your assistant principal.




    Email etiquette:

    We will be using email as a tool for communicating with each other.  In the email, I would like for you to include your first and last names, and the class period that I have you.  If your parent is emailing, they should include your first and last names as well as their first and last names.  Keep in mind that we may have several students named “Jordan!”  If you include these names, you will get a quicker response.


    Canvas Assistance:



    Regular attendance is very important in order to keep up in a foreign language classroom.  Students should arrive on time.  If a student is tardy, he/she will not be admitted to class without a pass from the tardy station.  If a student misses more than 10 minutes of a class, he/she is counted absent.  Students being instructed remotely are expected to be on line with cameras on at all times during the class period.



    One class day per day of absence is allowed for makeup work for excused absences.  It is the student's responsibility to ask for any make-up work after an absence.  Also refer to Canvas for the assignments.

    If you know you will be absent, please check with me ahead of time to pick up your work or consult Canvas.  If you are absent for an extended period of time, contact the counselors for your assignments.


    On major projects/papers late work will be accepted on the following grading scale: 

    1st day  -50 points



    Tests will be given regularly.  All students present will take the test.  Any tests missed due to absences must be made up within one day per consecutive day of absence.

                                    Daily work - regular classes - 40%

                                    Major grades - regular classes - 60%


    Semester grade - average of the two nine-weeks grades + final exam.  Final exam is 20% of the semester average.



    The major premise is that no student may interfere with the teacher's responsibility to teach the subject, and no student may interfere with another student's right to learn.  With that in mind, the following behavior is expected:

                    Be courteous and show respect for teacher, peers, visitors, and property.

                    Follow all school and classroom rules and procedures.

                    Listen quietly when announcements are made.

                    Come to class on time with all materials and remain in class the entire period.

                    No food, drinks and gum inside the classroom for safety purposes.

                    Dispose of trash properly

    As a safety consideration, keep aisles free of backpacks, purses, books, notebooks, bags, etc.

                    Do not bring hats into the classroom.

                    Handle all grooming activities in the restroom.

                    All cellular phones must be turned off and out of sight.

                    Always be in dress code and wear your school ID.

                    A mask or facial covering must be worn at all times while in the classroom.



    Not following the classroom rules will result in the following action or actions:

    1. Warning & after class conference with student/last out
    2. One hour detention and call to parent
    3. Two hours detention and call to parent
    4. Referral to principal

    Severe infractions will result in immediate referral to principal



    All classwork is to be submitted online through Canvas. 




    All students will be required to have the following supplies for Spanish II:


    2" Binder

    1 composition notebook

    Colored pencils (will be used periodically throughout the class.)

    Spanish Workbook (should be in brought to class everyday)

    Hand sanitizer


    Binder, notebook paper, Workbook and Composition Notebook and pens should be brought to class daily!!


    In addition, each student is responsible for workbooks, additional textbooks, and readers checked out to him/her for classroom use.  Students are not to write in these materials.  When students are finished using classroom materials, they should be returned to the designated places.  Classroom materials should not be left in or on the desks.  Personal items left in the classroom will be turned in to the Lost and Found in the receptionist’s area.


    All Pearland ISD and Pearland High School rules and guidelines will be followed.

    Assistance:  I am available to help you before or after school.  Please note my tutorial times at the top of the page.  Please feel free to ask me for help!  I want you to do well in Spanish this year and I am willing to work with you on an individual basis.  The only thing you need to do is ask!


    Website:  Please check out my website.  I have extensive information about the class.  You can find homework assignments and other pertinent information about the class.  The website will constantly be updated.  You may find it by going to the PHS website and click on Faculty.  You can find my site under “Lindsay, Debra.”