• Stepsister

    by Donnelly, Jennifer Year Published: 2019

    Isabelle and her sister are outcasts now that everyone knows what they did. They were cruel to their stepsister,
    the new princess, and they mutilated their own feet to try and win the prince. Isabelle wants to overcome her
    past and prove a girl is worth more than her appearance, but it seems like all of France is conspiring against her.
    Will she be able to find her worth before it’s too late?

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  • The Mighty Heart of Sunny St.

    by Blake, Ashley Herring Year Published: 2019

    Sunny has been trapped by her weak heart for the last few years, but now that she’s had a heart transplant,
    things will be different. She wants to do all the things she couldn’t do before even if she must do them without
    her former best friend. Her number one goal for this summer is to kiss a boy, and her new friend Quinn has
    vowed to help her on the kissing quest. But her new heart will have problems, too, like the return of the mother
    who abandoned her and the realization that maybe she doesn’t want to kiss just boys after all.

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  • The Lovely and the Lost

    by Barnes, Jennifer Lynn Year Published: 2019

    Kira knew joining the search and rescue team looking for Bella, a lost child, might trigger her anxiety. She was
    once a lost girl, wandering in the woods, more animal than human. Kira was adopted years ago, but she can’t
    seem to move beyond her past, and this search is dredging up old memories and secrets long buried. Will Kira
    be able to find Bella in time, or will she become another child lost forever? You

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  • Small Spaces

    by Arden, Katherine Year Published: 2018

    Ollie loves books, but the book she rescues from the river is different. It tells the story of a woman who is
    tormented by living scarecrows and the mysterious “smiling man.” When Ollie’s bus breaks down on a class
    field trip, she realizes everything in the book was real, and she and her classmates are in danger. Can Ollie
    outwit the smiling man and his army of scarecrows?

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