• US History

    Coach Lawson's Syllabus/Expectations


    Greetings, I am Coach Lawson! I am glad that you are a part of my class. I am looking forward to navigating this strange year with each of you. We will be learning all about United States History this year. We will cover 400+ years this year spotlighting many different eras in our nations young history. America is a great unfinished symphony and we will look at the legacies of those throughout who had their stories told by many. We are living history every single day and this year is definitely one for the history books. We will have face to face (f2f) and virtual learners (VL) as well in the same class. This will take some getting used to but we will learn and succeed. A quote that I have in my classroom that will be a rock for us is "Attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference". Let's be students who are able to show maturity by being able to control our attitudes and we will have a great year. One more thing that I want you to know, I am here to help you this year no matter what it is that you need. I will always do my best to help you succeed. 

    This year we will use many different ways to learn US History. We are going to be learning & discussing our topics in class through our computers. There will be times when discussion will take place with the teacher and sometimes you will discuss what we have talked about with others through your devices. I have the same expectations are for the f2f and VL's this year. Like I said, I am here to ensure you succeed so do not hesitate to ask.   

    Everyday needs in-class/remote: A laptop or tablet is needed for this class daily; phones are not a good alternative and not capable of doing all the online activities you will be required to do. I understand some students may have difficulty with this until they receive a district laptop, the district should provide temporary laptops until your laptops are in. I will work with anyone who has issues with devices, you will just need to let me know. Students will need a 3- subject spiral, pencils, glue sticks and a folder with brads.  We will also try to utilize OneNote class notebook through Canvas. It is important that every student in-class and remote is prepared for class, ready for instruction, and ready to work bell to bell (the entire class period). Pencils are a necessary part of this class and you are required to bring them.  Pencils are not provided by the school and cannot be reused (please make sure you have them).

    Curriculum Overview: This is a basic outline of what we will cover this year. There may be overlap and dates are subject to change.

    1st Semester

    2nd Semester

    Term One:

    • Geography, Eras, and Overview of U.S. History
    • Exploration & Colonization
    • Colonial Regions
    • American Revolution

    Term Two:

    • Constitution & Government

    Term Three:

    • Early Republic
    • Age of Jackson
    • Industrialization & Expansion

    Term Four:

    • Culture & Reform
    • Civil War & Reconstruction

    Grading: All tests and projects are 60% of a student’s grade and 40% consists of daily assignments, homework, note taking in class/online, and other daily tasks. This applies to all in-class/remote learners.

    Class time: Be alert and attentive, ready to learn, in-class or remote. Laptops will need to be out as soon as students enters the class and should be logging into Canvas (log-in will be the same as last year). Each day students will have bell work (consists of vocabulary, multiple choice, open ended questions, thread in Canvas etc.) that will take 5-10 minutes at the beginning of class. (Being on time and prepared is a requirement for my class with in-class and remote learners). We will assess content vocabulary through assignments, homework, discussions, quizzes, and tests. This is a vital part of the content and is a high priority for my classes. There will be daily assessments in Canvas and in-class with independent work in Canvas for in-class and remote learners.

    Behavior Expectations Overview: 

    This year it is imperative (of vital importance; crucial) to follow school rules as well as classroom rules. We, as teachers and administration are working our hardest to provide a safe environment for learning. So your cooperation is necessary to do so. 

    The education of every student is important to me and is valued to the fullest; by myself, teachers, and administrators. Every student has the right to learn in an environment that allows learning without major disruptions from others. The following expectations are non-negotiable in my classroom.

    • Follow directions and instructions.
    • Do not talk while I am talking (There will be time for discussions and questions).
    • Be honest
    • Be respectful to all
    • Be responsible

    **Staying on task and following directions will keep students out of trouble

    **I will follow the campus guidelines for discipline including student conferences, parent contact, detentions and so on.

    As I said before I will do everything in my ability to help you to succeed. This leads to another expectation that I have. I expect you to do your best. I do not like the phrase "I don't know". I want you to try your best in everything you do and that is good enough.

    Let's have a great year and understand we might have to adjust our thinking. I look forward to meeting and talking with all of you in-class and remotely.  I hope we all return to class soon.

    Coach Lawson

    Go Diamondbacks! 

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