• Where will I find my lessons?

    All of the lessons and assignments will be given through Canvas! Please familirize yourself with the platform to access all of your materials. 

    Click this link for a guide on Canvas: https://www.pearlandisd.org/Page/25333

    Additional tutorials on how to use canvas will also be found within your canvas courses. Click on the image below to log into your Canvas account to get started.



  • How will I receive live lessons if I am NOT on campus?


    Live lessons for virtual learners will be held on Microsoft TEAMS. You have all been added to TEAMS for my class and should see class  when you log in to 365 and select the "Teams" Icon. Click the link for a tutorial on how to log in to Microsoft 365 and TEAMS. 

    Office hours will also be held at scheduled times to address any questions and concerns as well as holding small groups for reteach and extensions.

    Click the link below to access your Office 365 and Teams account to get started.

    Microsoft Teams/365 Log in