• August 31, 2020

    Dear Parents,

    We are so pleased to have your child on Team 6T this year.  Our theme is “Be the Change You Want to See in the World."  We are expecting great things to take place in our classrooms of tenacious students and hope your child excels this coming year!

     Classroom Expectations:

    • Be Safe
      • Remain in your assigned location
      • Listen and follow directions
    • Be Responsible
      • Bring all supplies needed for class
      • Complete all assignments
      • Ask for help when needed 
    • Be Respectful
      • Keep hands, feet, & etc. to yourself
      • One voice at a time and use school appropriate language

    Remote Learning Expectations:

    • Be Safe 
      • Only use websites designated by your teacher
    • Be Responsible
      • Make sure you are logged into your classes on time every day
      • Submit all assignments on time
      • Questions should be submitted in the chat box or emailed to your teacher
    • Be Respectful
      • Be respectful of others dring all online courses 
      • Dress appropriately for class
      • Use the mute button unless responding or asking questions


    Our students will be given opportunities to earn positive rewards during the school year.  These rewards may consist of good conduct grades, verbal praise, recess, positive notes, or tickets.

    School-wide Consequences

    3 Conduct Marks = Respect Statement

    3 Work Habit Marks = Responsibility Statement


    Actions Subject to be taken due to Conduct Marks:

    1. Verbal Warning 2. Redirection 3. Phone Call
    2. Team Detention 5. After School Detention/phone call 6. Office Referral

    Conduct Cards/Thursday Folders

    Students will start with a new conduct card each term.  Teachers will keep track of the cards from each class, and rotate the cards as the students change classes.  Conduct and work habits will be recorded on the cards by each teacher as deemed necessary.  Student will be informed if he/she receives a mark.  The student’s conduct marks will be tallied and recorded at the end of the day on Wednesday by the teacher.  The card will then be sent home Thursday in the student’s Thursday folder, ready for the required parentsignature.  The card MUST be returned the next day to continue recording conduct and work habits.  A nine week conduct grade is determined according to the number of conduct marks a student receives from each subject during that grading period.

    Nine weeks conduct grading period (PER CLASS)

    0-5                   E (Excellent)                          11-15 N (Needs Improvement)

    6-10                 S (Satisfactory)                      16 +    U (Unsatisfactory)

    Severe unacceptable behavior will result in an immediate office referral.


    Parent Conferences:  Parent conferences will be held from 2:25-3:00 pm.  Please schedule your conference at least 24 hours in advance by contacting your child’s homeroom teacher. 


    1. Skyward is the electronic grade book you have access to in order to track your child’s grades.
    2. Call the school, 832-736-6400, if you do not have a login and password.
    3. Grades entered into Skyward are the original grades, before corrections, on assignments. Teachers will update at a minimum of once a week.
    4. Missing assignments are entered and averaged as a zero in the grade book.


    Missing Assignments: 

    1. If work is recorded as a missing assignment in Skyward, the following may be true:
    • your child was absent and didn’t finish/turn in the work from absences
    • your child was absent and didn’t collect their work from his/her teacher(s)
    • your child was present and didn’t finish/turn in the work
    • your child didn’t put his/her heading on their paper
    1. Missing Assignments may be viewed in Skyward.
    2. Students may ask for another copy of the assignment from their teacher(s) that they will take home to complete and return to school the next day.
    3. Completed missing work will be added to Skyward at the teacher’s earliest convenience.


    Corrections Policy:

    Assignments with scores less than 70 may be corrected for additional points.  The highest grade earned after corrections is a 70.  Class work, daily work, or homework assignments will be returned to students in Thursday folders and are due back the following Monday.  Teacher will provide opportunities to re-teach the skills tested in morning tutoring or enrichment. 

    ** Corrections on tests ** MUST be corrected at SCHOOL.  The highest grade earned after corrections is also a 70.  Students will have ONE WEEK after the test papers are returned to visit re-teach opportunity and to make corrections.

    If you want to correct a paper, you will need to include the following on a separate piece of notebook paper.  (DO NOT erase original answers.)

    1. Appropriate Heading
    2. Title of Corrected Assignment
    3. Write the entire question/answer choices for problems/questions missed.
    4. Show your work (if applicable).
    5. Write the correct answer.
    6. Staple the notebook paper on top of the original assignment.
    7. Then, turn in no later than the Monday after the paper was returned to you.

    **Please turn your corrections in as quickly as possible.  Corrections cannot be accepted after grades have been turned in at the end of each term.


    We are looking forward to working with you and your child this year. Together we can make this a successful school year.  Sincerely,

    Ms. Wolff – Math                                                              WolffM@pearlandisd.org

    Mrs. Gonzalez – Science                                                     GonzalezSM@pearlandisd.org

    Mrs. Meador-Garcia – Lang. Arts & Soc. Studies              MeadorC@pearlandisd.org

    Ms. Nguyen – Lang. Arts & Soc. Studies                            NguyenS@pearlandisd.org