Ms. Drey

Academic Decathlon/Octathlon Syllabus 2020 - 2021 Coaches: Schutter, Mora, Hutchins, & Drey


    What is Academic Decathlon?  


    Academic Decathlon is a national academic competition.  Teams consist of nine members, of whom three each have a certain GPA range (calculated on according to Texas Academic Decathlon specifications).  Each year a specific topic of study is chosen and teams are tested on their knowledge of this subject in ten areas.  These areas are math, music, art, economics, speech, interview, essay, language/literature, science and social sciences.  Speech and Interview are performed in front of a panel of judges; essays are graded by a committee of graders.   

    We also participate in Academic Octathlon, consisting of all topics except Speech and Interview and is open to only Freshmen and Sophomores. 



    2020 – 2021 Curricular Theme: 

    The curricular theme for 2020–2021 will be The Cold War 




    Grading Policy:  the student the will be graded on the following categories 

    Daily Grades: 

    • Participation in class/Study sessions 
    • Daily Quizzes 
    • Speech Preparations/Practice 
    • Interview Preparations/Practice 

    Major Grades: 

    • Leading study sessions 
    • Practice Tests/Essays 
    • Projects  
    • Speech Writing/Delivery 
    • Competition as applicable 

    Supplies:  Every student will need the following supplies on a daily basis: 

    • Earbuds/headphones 
    • AcaDec binder: a dedicated 2 inches or larger binder with 10 labeled dividers 
    • Pens and Pencils 
    • Notebook Paper 
    • Access a device for online materials 
    • And a whole lot of GRIT!!! 



    Team Membership:  Membership on the Academic Decathlon team will be competitive.  You are not automatically a team member just by virtue of being in the class.  To determine eligibility, you will compete against your classmates on quizzes/tests, sample essay writing, speech-giving, etc. as well as at regional scrimmages (if held).  Attendance will be weighted heavily.  Top overall scorers will be team members.  Team composition will be determined in late December.  You must be UIL eligible to compete.   


    Competitions:  If you have been assigned/chosen to compete at a practice meet or regional competition attendance is required.  Failing to show can negatively affect your grade in class. 


    Street Clean-up:  Throughout the school year we will complete approximately four street clean-ups along Bailey Rd. Participating in clean-ups is a class requirement and everyone will be expected to participate in at least one. 


    Canvas:  Most general information for class can be found in Canvas.  Some assignments will be completed through Canvas. 


    Office 365:  Office 365 will be utilized frequently in and out of class. All USAD guides are in the Class Notebook and all meetings and virtual/hybrid classes will be held on TEAMS.  Some assignments will be completed in Office 365 as well. 


    Attendance: Consistent attendance in class is extremely important.  Discussions in class are a valuable resource to preparing for competition.  Your daily attendance and participation in class is a consideration for the competition team rankings. This class is SYNCHRONOUS 



    After School/Weekend Meetings:  TBD