Working at home on your computer


  • Online learners in Ms. Nutt's homeroom,


    For families who do not have devices yet, that is no problem. As long as your student completes their assignments, they will be marked as being in attendance for their classes.


    If students can, we recommend trying to log in to Microsoft Teams in the correct subject area during your scheduled class times for each subject every school day at the assigned times.


    Once they're on Teams, they click the Join Meeting button to join your class and work with your teacher.


    Follow your schedule that you see below:

    Nutt Homeroom (Remote Learners):

    8:35-9:20              1st half of Science/Social Studies

    9:28-10:13           Electives

    10:21-11:06         2nd half of Science/Social Studies

    11:13-11:43         PE

    11:51-12:47         1st half of Language Arts

    12:55-1:25           Lunch

    1:33-2:20              2nd half of Language Arts

    2:28-4:10              Math