• Online Textbooks

    All Online Class can also be accessed through Canvas through the ConnectED tab.

    For the purposes of our classroom, we will be using two textbooks from McGrawHill. By clicking the link in the top left hand corner and following the login instructions for students, you can accesss both our Language Arts (StudySync) and Social Studies (World Cultures & Geography) textbooks.  

    • English Language Arts: Study Sync  
      • Go to: https://mhe.pearlandisd.org/my.policy  
      • Username and password are the ones you use to log in to the computer at school 
      • Select McGraw Hill Textbooks. Then choose “StudySync” 
      • Click on the 'Assignments' tab (at the top) to view all assignments


    • Social Studies: World Cultures & Geography
      • Go to: https://mhe.pearlandisd.org/my.policy 
      • Username and password are the ones you use to log in to a computer at school. 
      • Select McGraw Hill Textbooks. Then choose “World Cultures & Geography, Texas” 
      • Under the tab “Student Lesson”you will find the content that you must read along with videos, maps, images, etc. after you read the lesson explore the mini tab “Activities and Assessments” to test your knowledge. 
      • Your assignment will be under the tab “My Assignments & Projects”

     Or you can watch this video: Student Instructions for Accessing Online Social Studies Textbook



    Login Below:
    McGrawHill Textbooks

    Content Covered:

    • Accounting I
    • Aquatic Science
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • IPC
    • Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness
    • Physics
    • Social Studies Grades 5 - 11
    • Social Studies (Economics)
    • Social Studies (Psychology)
    • Social Studies (Sociology)
    Login Instructions:
    For Students
    Username: network username
    Password: network password

    Example ONLY:
    Student's Network Username = xyz.12000
    Student's Network Password = PearISD@123

    McGrawHill Username = xyz.12000
    McGrawHill Password = PearISD@123