• Pearland ISD Absence Note

    If your student was absent for 1 or more days last week, per district policy a note must be received within three days of a student’s return to be excused.   If your student was at an appointment with a health care professional please send the note from their office stating the date and time of the appointment.

    If you have a question regarding a tardy or absence recorded for your child, please contact the teacher directly to ensure the student is meeting the teachers attendance requirements.

    Synchronous classes – Students must be logged into TEAMS at the beginning of each period. Teachers take attendance and if your child is not present, they will be marked absent. Students must join the class within the first 10 minutes to be marked tardy. After 10 minutes, all students are marked absent.

    Asynchronous classes – Students must complete the assignment or follow the teachers directions for daily attendance.

    Please Note: The attendance office can help with questions regarding absence notes, checking students out of school, and attendance policies.

    On-Campus & Remote Learner Attendance Information

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    Please complete the form and submit to the campus Attendance Office

Absence Reporting Form

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