• Dual Credit Courses Available at Dawson 2023-2024

    Dawson Dual Credit Advisor:

    For more information on Dual Enrollment courses at Dawson High School or to enroll in dual credit courses, please contact our ACC Advisor, Christina Maartens at 281-412-8898 or by email at CMaartens@alvincollege.edu

    Mrs. Maartens is on campus at Dawson on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the College and Career Center. Students are able to meet with her during Eagle Hour in A or B lunch to seek her counsel in dual credit courses. 

     Dual Credit Course Information:

    The Alvin Community College Dual Enrollment Program provides an opportunity for eligible Dawson students to enroll in college courses and receive both high school and college credit for the course. Dual Enrollment academic courses are taught at the Dawson campus during the school day and are transferable to Texas public colleges and universities if the student makes a grade of C or higher. 

    Dual credit courses offer students the opportunity to earn college credits for a discounted price, while they are earning credit for high school courses concurrently. The purpose of taking a dual credit course is for students to be able to complete college coursework while in high school, which saves your student time and money because they would not need to take the course once they get to their university. 

    In most cases, if students pass a dual credit course with a C or better and they attend a Texas public college or university, the dual credit course will transfer to the university, so they do not have to take the course at the university.

    For example, if a student takes DC US History in their Dawson schedule during their junior year and passes the course with a C or better, the credit will transfer to a Texas public university, so the student earns the US History college credit and the class also fulfills their high school US History requirement. In this example, the student would most likely not have to take the US History course once they get to a Texas public college or university.

    However, there are some exceptions that universities have in place and exceptions for different majors. For example, Texas A&M and University of Texas do not accept the Dual Credit College Algebra credit. So, both of those universities have students retake College Algebra on their campuses. It is important for students and parents to do their research when selecting dual credit or AP courses and contact the college admissions offices to see if the university will accept the dual credit courses or grant credit for various AP exams.

    Students and parents can look online at college admission webpages for more information, call college admissions offices and look at Transfer Equivalency Charts for more information. 

    See link below for steps to enroll in dual credit courses, testing information to enroll in dual credit courses and for a list of the dual credit courses offered at Dawson High School. 

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