2019-2020 Prancers Team

2021 Virtual Prancer Tryouts


    1. Complete the Online Application.

    2. Email a copy of your Term 3 report card to crucesj@pearlandisd.org.



    1. Candidates must be academically eligible at the time of auditions.
    2. A candidate is required to have excellent classroom citizenship/conduct. No “U’s” in conduct and no more than 1 “N” for the ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR.
    3. A candidate is required to have excellent disciplinary records in keeping with district policies. Students may not audition if they have been to ISS for any reason other than dress code or tardies or if they have been to ALA.



    April 23rd: If you fill out an online application on time, you will receive youtube links via email. These links will consist sample videos of what you are required to upload for judges. There will also be a breakdown of the jazz dance and kick combination with counts. You will also get a link to the jazz music. 

    April 26th: zoom meeting to answer any questions about tryouts

    Time: Apr 26, 2021 05:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 827 1880 2059

    Passcode: Prancers

    April 27th:  4:30- 5:30 PM Practice in PHS dance room. Wear a mask! This will be your chance to go over the dance with officers in person. 

    April 29th: Upload 4 videos of yourself into a google drive folder. You will be emailed a personal link to upload the videos. No videos provided for auditions may be edited in any way. There will be sample videos provided so you know exactly what yours has to look like. Everything needs to be uploaded by 5PM to your google folder. Links to your individual folder will be sent to the email you provide on application form. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS!


    Video #1- Jazz Video

    Perform the jazz routine you learned from youtube. Make sure the music is loud enough for the video to pick up. No cuts, splices, edits, etc...If you have memory or mess up, just keep going as best as possible.

    Video #2- Kick Video 

    Do a right split, stand up, do a left split and then perform the kick combo with the provided recording of counts. 

    Video #3- Turn Video

    Perform a double turn. (You may do any prep, but it needs to be a parallel pirouette turn.)

    Video #4- Leaps 

    Perform a chasse step leap, step center. Perform a calypso leap.


    Instructions for Tryout Videos:

    • Wear all black form fitting clothing, hair slicked back out of face (bun or pony tail), no jewelry, make-up to look presentable to judges & any dance shoes. If you do not have dance shoes, you may be barefoot or wear socks. However, please do not kick in socks for safety reasons!
    • You may use any space you are able to use- utilize backyards, garages, living room (move furniture if able), driveway etc.
    • Music will need to be played from a sound system in the candidate’s space. It needs to be loud enough for the judges to hear on our end.
    • Make sure your camera is setup securely for us to see what you are doing.
    • Make sure that all skills are shown. Don’t be too far away from the camera but also don’t be too close.
    • Please record horizontally and from the same angle as the sample videos are recorded.



    • Judges are aware of restrictions (space/floor) and will take that into account.
    • All decisions made are final.
    • Judges will use the following score sheet:

    Judges Sheet

    Four judges will review your videos. You must score a 16 or higher to be placed on Prancers and must score an 8 or higher to be placed in drill team fundamentals. The maximum score from each judge is a 5 (20 total). 



    Results will be posted to Mrs. Cruces’ teacher website on Saturday evening.


    Any questions or concerns should be directed to Mrs. Cruces at crucesj@pearlandisd.org.