GT Academy Showcase

Special thanks to our fabulous GTA teachers for their enthusiastic support in this project and to the GTAB for their generous donation of subscriiptions to the web platform Weebly.

Texas Performance Standards Project

  • The Texas Performance Standards Project (TPSP) is designed by TEA to help create a rich learning opportunity for gifted and talented students throughout the state. Because it is aligned with grade-level TEKS, teachers in the GTA are able to tailor classroom instruction to focus on TPSP goals.

    Because of the unique circumstances of on-line learning, the GTA is using the on-line platform of Weebly to help showcase student work. Students were able to individually design a web page specific to their research focus and present their information on individual tabs on the site.

    GTA Seven: The Game of Life:

    Students researched a career and explored pathways to education and training. They developed budgets and created a family life to further understand the impact of decisions on their career.

    To access the seventh grade web pages, simply click on the link below. For seventh grade, you can find individual students under their ELAR teacher's class. Use the password GTA to see each project.

    Student Portal Link: <<Click Here>>

    Password: GTA

    GTA Eight: Sudden Impact

    Eighth grade students selected a person (or group) or event that influenced society and historical development. This year, teachers allowed for broad selections of points in history.

    To access the eighth grade web pages, click on the link below and survey each advisory teacher's class for students. Be sure to use the password GTA to view each project.

    Student Portal Link: <<Click Here>>

    Password: GTA