Field Experience

  • Teacher and Student

    Field Experience opportunities are provided for colleges and universities with contract agreements each school year.



    Step 1: Professors/instructors make email contact with Roxana Rigdon to request placement in our district.

    Step 2: Placement requests must include a complete list of student names, certification areas, grade level preferences, and the dates and times students are on campus.

    Step 3: Students complete an online application for the position of Observers/Field Experience 2022-2023 indicating the position preference of “Student Observer” (state background check will be processed).

    Step 4: Once approved, professors/instructors, campus administrators and secretaries will be emailed a list of students expected on campus.

    Step 5: Professors/instructors are responsible for communicating with campus administrators to pair their students with volunteer teachers and to seek approval of scheduled dates and times on campus.