Compensation Terms

  • Compensation Terms

    • Pay Range
    • Job Family
    • Pay Grade
    • Minimum Pay Rate
    • Midpoint
    • Maximum Pay
    • General Pay Increase (GPI)
    • Equity Pay Adjustment
    • Market Comparison

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    Pay Range - The range of pay from minimum to maximum, established for a pay grade. Used as a guideline for setting and controlling individual pay rates.
    Job Family - Jobs involving work of the same nature but requiring different skill and responsibility levels.
    Pay Grade - One of the levels or groups into which jobs of the same or similar value are grouped for compensation purposes.
    Minimum Pay Rate - The lowest pay value in a pay range. Typically assigned to new hires with little or no job experience.
    Midpoint - The control point in a pay range that is halfway between the minimum and maximum points. The midpoint rate is the competitive control point representing the desired target rate of pay for experienced and competent job incumbents.
    Maximum Pay - The highest pay value in a pay range.
    General Pay Increase (GPI) - A pay increase given "across the board" to all or to a general category of employees without variation for individual performance.
    Equity Pay Adjustment - A special pay increase granted, in addition to a general pay increase, to correct or improve an identified inequity in pay.
    Market Comparison - The ratio of district pay for a job compared to pay for the same job in the external job market.