• Ketterer HR PAP ELA/ PAP Social Studies

    • I am SO excited to have my homeroom for an ELA/Social studies block!  This class will be filled with enriched reading and discussion crossing from topics in social studies while developing critical thinking and reading and writing skills!

      We will follow the scope and sequences of both classes throughout the year with the advantage of having the time to explore!


      Quick Notes:

      1- Students will keep notes in their ISN for each class.

      2- Quizzes and Tests may be on paper, or posted on Canvas to complete.

      3- Most assignments will have a cross-post on Canvas for backup. Students may be asked to take a snapshot (picture) and upload into canvas for credit.

      4.  All students are expected to have a working device (computer), either personal or school-issued.  If the personal device has connection problems, please consider the district device..they're pretty reliable!



      Thank you for your patience this year as we work through the schedule to make the best of this year!!!