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Third 9 Weeks January 5- March 10

  • January 5-6: Review expectations and procedures, set goals

    Week 1:  Paired Passage Study: Fiction, Non-Fiction

    Week 2:  Poetry Study: Comprehension and Vocabulary

    Week 3:  Poetry Study: Genre Features  

    Week 4:  Poetry Study: Writer's Workshop: Tone/Mood, Voice, POV, Author's Purpose

    Week 5:  Drama Study: Genre Features, Letter Writing       

    Week 6:  Drama Study: Comprehension, Plot Elements          

    Week 7:  Argument Study: Comprehension and Vocabulary  

    Week 8:  Argument Study: Genre Features, Debate   

    Week 9:  Arguement Study: Writer's Workshop: Organization, Rhetorical Devices     

    *Note: Grammar and editing will be integrated daily with a specific lesson and focus.