• Hello Dawson Parents,

    We wanted to let you know of a program that is providing FREE childcare to some employees.

    Workforce Solutions – www.wrksolutions.com is providing one year of free childcare to all service industry employees who work 25 hours a week:

    1. Hotels
    2. Restaurants
    3. Bars
    4. Retail outlets
    5. Grocery stores
    6. Entertainment venues
    7. Fitness centers
    8. Movie theaters
    9. Convenience stores and gas stations
    10. Amusement parks
    11. Food delivery
    12. Actors/Musicians

     The quick details: Enrollment ends March 30th.

    1. The state of Texas is paying for one year of free childcare for residents who are working in the service industry (All Hotels and Restaurants qualify)
    1. Candidate must work 25 hours a week
    2. One year of free childcare from the day they sign up
    3. Everyone who works for a service industry company qualifies whether they are a waiter or the software engineer . The qualification is by the company industry, not the individual’s job industry.
    4. Income qualifications https://www.wrksolutions.com/for-individuals/financial-aid/financial-aid-for-child-care/service-industry-recovery-child-care
    5. This program is statewide.  Although our region is the 13 county region surrounding Houston if you have other locations in the state of Texas we can connect those locations with the workforce solutions in their area so that they can get the same benefits.