Stopfinder Mobile App

  • Introducing the Stopfinder Mobile App!

    Pearland ISD is now using the Stopfinder mobile app to provide bus route information and important announcements and updates about bus service.

    Parents and guardians will receive an email inviting them to subscribe to their child's bus route schedule. Once subscribed, parents and guardians will be able to see their child's daily bus route schedule and receive push notifications to their mobile device regarding any service-related updates such as delayed routes, road construction impacting service, etc.

    The Stopfinder mobile app will take the place of email notifications that are currently being used as a way to enhance the communication that parents receive.

    The Stopfinder mobile app gives parents and guardians the ability to share their child's bus route schedule with other by inviting them to be a subscriber through the app. When shared with others, they will also receive service-related notifications to their mobile device. This empowers parents and guardians to include their child and other caregivers in receiving information updates about bus service.


    Secure Communications

    Only the primary and secondary parent or guardian for each child (as listed in Skyward) will be invited to subscribe to their child's bus route information. No others will be able to request access to your child's information. As the subscriber, YOU have the power to share this access with others as sub-subscribers. Once you grant access, you can manage and disable the access at any time.



    Beginning in February 2022, we will begin sending email invitations to parents and guardians to subscribe to their child's bus route information and download the Stopfinder mobile app.

    Week of January 31 - Parents of Middle School and Junior High students will receive invitations
    Week of February 14 - Parents of High School students will receive invitations
    Week of February 28 - Parents of Elementary School students will receive invitations

    We will discontinue sending email messages to parents and guardians regarding bus route service impacts on March 11, 2022. At that time, bus route communications will only be sent through the Stopfinder mobile app.


    Future Enhancements

    As the app continues to develop, additional features may be added to include:

    • 2-Way messaging with the Transportation Department
    • Bus stop location pinpointed on a map
    • Form completion and submission within the app



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