• Our Life Skills class includes students in grades K-4. Below is the general schedule for our class. Please email me if you would like your child's individual schedule that includes their inclusion times. Thanks!


    7:55 Unpack/Morning Announcements

    8:00-8:45 Morning Work/Social Skills (1st Group)

    8:45-9:00 Morning Recess

    9:00-9:30 Community Groups/Circle Time

    9:30-10:55 Reading/ELA (1st & 2nd Groups)

    10:55-11:25 Lunch

    11:25-11:55 Science/Social Studies (1st Group)

    11:55-12:45 Math Block (1st Group)

    12:45-1:15 Science/Social Studies (2nd Group)  

    1:15-1:30 Afternoon Recess

    1:30-2:20 Math Block (2nd Group)

    2:20-2:50 Social Skills (2nd Group)

    2:50-3:00 Pack-Up/Check-Outs

    3:00 Dismissal