• In my classroom, I do expect the students to follow the rules of the school, complete the coursework assigned,complete their homework, listen, pay attention, be prepared for class and respect others.

    Sam Jamison Expectations and Consequences

    Electronic Devices (phones and/or smart watches)

    • Not Seen
    • Not Heard
    • Not Taken

    Student Expectations

    • S Supports their classmates in a positive manner and interacts with all students respectfully  

    • P Prepares for class daily; homework completed; school supplies ready; materials out; and focused on learning.

    • O Only uses their own belongings and follows the directions of the teacher.

    • T Treats technology as a privilege and uses it wisely.

    • Shows Jaguar Pride by always following the rules on and off campus.


    Consequences & Conduct Marks 

    1 Mark   =  Verbal Warning

    2 Marks =  Redirection

    3 Marks =  Parent Contact

    4 Marks =  Team Detention (I.E. Lunch D-Hall)

    5 Marks =  Team Detention (I.E. After School Detention)

    6 Marks =  Office Referral