Bus Ridership Rules

  • Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:

    • Ensure your child is aware of and obeys the safety rules of the bus, as well as bus driver instructions.
    • Ensure your child rides the appropriate bus.
    • Ensure your child demonstrates safe and appropriate behavior at the bus stop.
    • Ensure that you (an adult or a high school student with written permission granted) are at the bus stop to receive your pre-K or kindergarten student.
    • Pre-K or kindergarten children may get off the bus with an older sibling (at least first grade) who rides the same bus.

    Boarding/Exiting Bus:

    • Students must be on time and visible at the bus stop (recommended time to arrive is five minutes before bus comes).
    • Once a bus departs a stop or school, it will not return for late students.
    • Students must not stand in the road while waiting for the bus.
    • Students must not approach a bus until it stops. Once the bus has stopped, students may board.
    • Once on the bus, students must go directly to their assigned seats so the bus may continue its route.
    • When exiting, students should cross in front of the bus quickly but safely -- away from the unloading area.
    • The emergency door at the back of the bus is for emergencies only, not for general boarding or exiting.
    • A student may board and depart the bus only at his/her designated stop.

    Riding Bus:

    • Students may be registered to ride only one bus.
    • Be courteous. Using profanity, fighting and throwing objects are prohibited.
    • Do not eat, drink, litter or damage the bus in any way.
    • Obey the driver. Drivers are authorized to assign seats.
    • Remain seated while the bus is moving, with all body parts inside the windows.
    • Do not use cell phones on the bus.

    Prohibited on Bus:

    • All items that are prohibited at school
    • Live/dead animals
    • Flammable materials
    • Large items that do not fit on the student’s lap (arrangements must be made for the parent to transport these items)
    • Skateboards, balls, rollerblades or balloons