Eligibility Requirements

  • In their past, present and future school records, students must meet the following requirements to be eligible and maintain eligibility for a transfer. Pearland ISD reserves the right to non-renew a transfer if the requirements are not met or maintained.

    Acceptable attendance record is required:

    • Acceptable attendance is defined as students having a past attendance rate of 90 percent or higher.

    Acceptable punctuality record is required. A record of the following will make a student ineligible, as it is disruptive to the classroom and campus:

    • Excessive tardiness (more than three tardies in a semester)
    • Persistent late pick-up after school (more than three late pick-ups in a semester -- defined as later than 15 minutes after the dismissal bell)
    • Persistent early pick-up from school (more than three early pick-ups in a semester)

    Acceptable discipline record is required. A record of the following disciplinary actions will cause approval to be revoked or denied for a student applying for transfer:

    • Persistent misbehavior (three or more office referrals in a semester)
    • Suspension from school
    • Placement in an alternative education center
    • Expulsions from school
    • Any matter involving delinquent conduct where student is placed on probation and/or under the supervision of a court or probation officer or has any other conditional release from the court
    • Any felony/criminal conviction

    Additional conditions include the District’s right to revoke a transfer at any time for the following reason:

    • the student falls outside the eligibility requirements
    • disruption of school operation is caused by the student or parent
    • other relevant reasons as determined by the District