Enrichment Programs

Programs Available for Students Outside of DHS

  • Summer Biology Camp University of Michigan or Scripps Research Institute

    Biology 3 Week Summer Program at McNeese University 

    I am writing to inform you about a once in a lifetime opportunity for your high school students. In June of 2023, we will host the 2nd annual McNeese State University High School Field Biology Experience. This is a chance for students to catch alligators, bats, waterfowl, fish, turtle, snakes, and a host of other native wildlife in the field. Students will also learn how to collect, analyze, and present data. They will be taught advanced capture, safe handling, and release techniques. The three-week program is conducted by a staff of professors who conduct field biology research programs, and students will interact and learn from professional wildlife biologists with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The program is full service in that we provide all meals and accommodations for the entire program.

    This is an exclusive nonprofit program with only 14 spots for participation. Last year we had 11 participants from four different states. Your school has been targeted because we wish to recruit high-level STEM students for participation in this program. Information about this program can be found at: https://mcneesefieldbiology.com/