Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do the bus routes work?

    All bus routes are designed to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible while still meeting students’ needs. When a route change is necessary that will affect pick-up/drop-off times and/or bus numbers, parents will be notified through notes handed out to students two afternoons prior to the date of the change.

    If students are not present at a bus stop for three continuous weeks, the bus stop will be discontinued without notice to the parents. Parents must contact the Transportation Department to resume service to that stop.

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  • Who is responsible for discipline on the bus?

    The driver is responsible for safety and discipline on the bus. Misconduct and safety violations by students are reported to the transportation driver coordinator, who assumes responsibility for taking proper action. Students who do not behave properly may lose the privilege of riding the bus. The district has the right to deny transportation to students whose behavior jeopardizes others' safety.

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  • Do buses enter gated communities, private property and construction areas?

    Pearland ISD buses are not permitted to operate on private property, including gated communities and apartment complexes. Neighborhoods that are under construction pose a safety hazard for large vehicles like school buses. Thus, buses do not travel through areas where heavy construction is present.

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  • What happens to bus service during bad weather?

    If school is in session, the buses will run. The superintendent decides whether to cancel school or dismiss early. The district will use its own communication channels and alert local radio and television stations if there is a change to the regular schedule.

    During hazardous weather, students will not be dismissed from school unless the transportation director determines it is safe for children to travel to their homes. During flooding, buses will travel as close to the normal bus stops as possible without jeopardizing student safety. Parents should be aware of flooding conditions and make arrangements to meet their children at the bus stop when possible. Any students who are unable to be safely delivered home will be returned to the school for parents to pick up. In rain or cold weather, students are still expected to be at their bus stop.

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  • Is live audio and video surveillance in progress?

    Drivers and passengers are subject to audio and video monitoring according to Texas Education Code section 26.009(b)(1). Videotapes may be viewed by Pearland ISD employees if necessary to perform their job duties in the best interest of students. Parents are not permitted to view the tapes because it would infringe on the privacy of other students, as protected under the Family Education Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA). Videotapes will be strictly controlled by the Transportation Department to ensure confidentiality.

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  • What happens when items are left on the bus?

    Articles that are left on the bus will remain on the bus for the student to retrieve the next time he/she rides. Lunches that are found in the morning will be sent to the school as soon as possible. If parents wish to pick up an item at the Transportation Department, they may do so during normal office hours. However, the Transportation Department does not maintain a "Lost and Found."

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  • What if I have a question?

    Please contact the Transportation Department for questions regarding student transportation or bus discipline. Transportation employees will gladly provide the information you need. Campuses handle general discipline, not bus discipline. Transportation may be reached at 281-485-3562.

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