Pearland ISD History

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    Built in 1894, the first Pearland school was a one-room wooden structure with a wood-burning stove and 23 students taught by Miss Nannie Rogers. More than a century later, the district has 23 campuses, 1,297 teachers and more than 21,000 students.

    By the end of 1895, Pearland had grown so rapidly there were four classrooms with four teachers and 100 students. The catastrophic 1900 hurricane (Sept. 8, 1900) destroyed nearly all of Pearland. Only the main schoolroom remained, but it was badly damaged. School began again during the last week of October with only 25-30 students.

    A new two-story brick school with a basement was built in 1912 for $6,000. Once the school was completed, students could attend through 11th grade. Prior to this, Pearland students only went to school through seventh grade. In 1915, a hurricane destroyed the second floor of the building. For the next 22 years, students had to be bussed to attend school in Webster until the new high school opened in 1937. 

    In Sept. 1946, Pearland Common School District No. 1 officially became Pearland Independent School District.


    • B.B. Ainsworth
       1937 - January 1946

    • H.L. McAninch
       January 1946 - 1947

    • J.D. Gray

    • Dr. Lloyd Ferguson

    • Steven Prensner

    • Robert Turner

    • Preston Bullard

    • James Schleider

    • Dr. Bonny Cain

    • Dr. John P. Kelly

    • Larry Berger
       2022- Present

Pearland's first school