• Course Overview:

    The primary academic focus of this course will be on the development of analytical and persuasive writing skills through high-level examination of rhetoric, style, and methods of persuasion expressed through a variety of distinct genres. As this is a preparatory course of Advanced Placement Language Arts, there is a higher level of expectation regarding the maturity and commitment to the learning process in this class. This class requires more effort, attention, and skill than the on-level classes. Consequently, Pre-AP classes are recommended for highly motivated students.

    Please be advised that there is a heavier work load in terms of outside-of-class preparation, and students who do not fulfill the requirements of the commitment necessary to succeed will fall behind. If this happens, the teacher may counsel him/her to transfer to an on-level class. Please remember that this class is an elective!

    This course will be a Canvas course. Resources and handouts for students can be obtained through the Canvas website. Copies of monthly calendars and resources for parents such as those given on MYTN can be found on the Class Handouts page.


    The daily average for homework will be 30-45 minutes. Students are often assigned reading or long-term projects that require them to plan their time carefully so that they are not overwhelmed by deadlines. Developing self-discipline in the areas of time management is a goal of this class.


    Students will receive a reading list at the beginning of the year. Students are encouraged to purchase their own copies of the books so that they may annotate as they read. PHS has copies of most of the novels on the list, but they are sometimes class sets. Students may also be asked to read during holidays.

    Expectations about reading:

    1. Assigned reading is done outside of class most of the time
    2. Students will be given reading responses to complete while reading the novel in order to support their comprehension and understanding of the novel.
    3. Students may be reading one book or play in class and a different book outside of class.


    Be advised: Students are expected to read the novel. Do not depend on Cliff's Notes or SparksNotes or GoodReads to take the place of reading the novel. You will not be successful in this class if you do not read!


    Writing is an integral part of every Pre-AP/AP class. Students will be required to write timed essays each term. Students will also be expected to complete a research project as well as one synthesis essay. Students will be given a calendar of completion for large writing projects such as the research or synthesis essay. Students may also be assigned essays or compositions to be completed outside of class. These papers must be typed. Students are expected to submit original work. Plagiarism, like other types of cheating, results in a zero for the assignment. Students will be expected to abide by the PHS Honor Code which will be strictly enforced in my classes. Please see the PHS Student Handbook or the course syllabus for details regarding the Honor Code and consequences of violating the Honor Code.


    Students are expected to attend tutorials when they need help with assignments.

    Course Policies:

    Grades will be based on the following:

    Daily Assignments (Including participation)



    Final Exams