• Glenda Dawson High School Sports Medicine - Athletic Training Student Aid Program 

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  • Curent Roster! 

    Roster is listed in order from  Left to Right , Back to Front.

    Christina Fry (Staff), Thomas Patrey (Staff), Mustafa "Moose" Madinnawala '25, Haile Pamoja '25, Noah Byars '25, Ayden Gonzales '24,  Mia Dvorak '25, Joseph Eberhardt (Staff), Adele Campbell '27, Sophia Ledee '27, Manhattan Swift '27, Andie Sellers '27, Nicole Valecillos '27, Omar Mohammad '24, Katie Roth '26, Aburey Leonard '26, Shaelyn Gallagher '25, Michael Hendrickson '27, Paige Thomas '24, Tatum Langley '26,  Maddie Locklear '25, Myla Jabbar '26,  


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