7th Grade Pre/AP ELAR and Yearbook


    Cat Meme Welcome Bobcats to a great year here in Bobcat Country. Each day, we will strive to create a positive atmosphere in class. I know it is hard coming back from such a long break, but we will all work hard to make up for lost time. I am thrilled this year to be moving to 7th grade. I enjoyed six amazing years teaching 8th grade, but you know what they say, change is always good. This year, we will focus a lot on your writing and learn new ways to look at reading. So get ready for a great first year of junior high because Bobcats are always leading, Bobcats are always learning, and Bobcats are always pursuing personal success!! #BFND 


Ms. Shuptar

Phone: 281-997-3900


Degrees and Certifications:

BS in Agricultural Communications and Journalism

Ms. Shuptar


Howdy and welcome Bobcats to the 7th grade. This year, I will be teaching Yearbook and my favorite, ELAR. 

As I will learn about you this year, it is only fair you know a little about me before you come to class. We will talk a lot this year about what I will be teaching you, so no need to add that here. 

This is my 7th year teaching at Berry Miller, and my 9th year teaching. Before coming to Miller, I worked for two years in HISD. This will also be my 6th year as the yearbook teacher too. 

A few things you will learn about me as the year goes on is my obsession with Harry Potter. Yes, I am a Harry Potter nerd...#TeamHufflepuff. You will also hear about my two nephews and come November, my three nephews. 

Apart from spending as much time with them as I can, I do read quite a bit when I have the time. I stick with YA books, so if you are looking for something interesting to read, you can peruse my bookshelves in my classroom and borrow any you want. I just ask that you return them in the same condition you got them in.

Like you, I am also a student. I am currently attending Texas Women’s University in pursuit of my master’s degree in Library and Informational Science in hopes of becoming a school librarian. Yes, you do need a master’s degree to be any kind of librarian. Pretty crazy.

I look forward to learning about each of you during the year.

Let the school year begin.