Pearland Jr. High West

The R.A.R.E. Podcast

  • The R.A.R.E. Founder Part 2

    by PJHW Length: 24:12

    The conversation continues as ideas for implementing these character traits are shared for students and staff alike.

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  • The R.A.R.E. Founder Pt.1

    by PJHW Length: 15:41

    In part one of this two-part episode, we hear how this acronym came to be from its originator, Coach Kevin Davis. We discuss the inspiration behind the words of this initiative.

    R- Responsibility

    A- Accountability

    R- Respectfulness

    E- Effort

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  • The Overview

    by PJHW Length: 3:46

    In this episode, Dr. Dana Miles explains the meaning of the acronym and how it influences the climate and culture of the campus.

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